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Who's Got Your Back? 

David and Johnathan.

Who doesn't know of the self sacrificial, fast and sure, undying friendship of these two? We're told that their souls were 'knit together'. This makes me think of my favorite sweater. Wonder what it would look like if it were to become 'un' knitted? It wouldn't be a sweater anymore!

God's timing is always, always perfect. If we don't have a friend, if we do have a friend, if we have mere acquaintances, or if we have a friend but are separated by distance. I've been all of the above at certain points in my life; sometimes for years. I think about what must have gone on in the palace of Saul, between the lines we are given in the Bible. How almost unbearable every day life must have been for David, living with someone who was jealous of him, who was continually angry because of him, and who on several occasions tried to kill him. BUT!  David had a friend, and not just a friend, but someone who loved him as his own soul.

I think about all the storms that rage around me; the people I know, the situations I see, and I thank my God that He gave me the closest friend I could ever have to comfort me, to make me laugh, to surround me with peace, security, and love. God has seen fit, after so many years of being alone, to knit together this ratty piece of material with another soul, to make me complete. I think I'd literally loose my mind, had it not been for my husband. I know that no matter what goes on on the outside, as long as I have him on the inside I can have peace. There's nothing worse than to have to fight battles outside the home AND inside the home. I thank God that this is not the case for me now - my home is my shelter, my husband my rock, my companion, my friend.

God is, and should always be, our first and last in everything, and for many years, He was all I had. But in His mercy, He has granted my heart's cry for companionship, for one who would love me as his own soul. I have been doubly blessed in this, as the Lord has also granted my desire for a Godly female friend. (You know who you are ;) ).

 I love God's word. I love the stories He left for us to learn from and relate to. I love the story of David and Johnathan.
And I love that I can relate, on two different levels.

Fight the good fight,


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