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When Did You Leave? 

 If you don't subscribe to the rss feed for the Bill Rice devotionals, you should. They're quite thought provoking. The title given for today's devo was, 'Leaving is Following', with the implied question of, what have you left to follow Christ?

Well, what is he talking about, exactly? Salvation? Service? Both? The Biblical examples he gives are of the Lord's calling of the disciples. When Simon, Andrew, James and John were called, they dropped what they were doing, left their livelihood, friends and family, and followed Him. Was this their call to salvation, their call to service, or both?

Really, and truly, I think it doesn't matter. Both the acceptance of salvation and the life-long walk of a Christian call us to leave something or someone on a continual basis; a job, a friend, a relative, a thought process, a location, an act undone, a word unsaid. The list is endless.

So the next question would be, what have I left? Sure, I can name what I left many years ago at salvation, or I can name what I left (not so many years ago) to be in His service. But are these all I have? Do I have no more (recent) proof of my love for Him? What did I give up for Him yesterday? What did I sacrifice for Him last week? What, or whom, did I leave?

The life of a Christian is one of inconvenience. And Americans, in general, hate that. I've had to leave a few things. I've had to sacrifice a few things. In this I have nothing to brag about, because I know - though I can not fully understand - what was sacrificed for me. God, in His mercy, love and grace, rewards ('eye hath not seen, nor ear heard' ICor 2:9), those who are faithful, those who sacrifice themselves for Him. The reward(s) do outweigh the bad, if we will but obey; but to obey is to be inconvenienced.....

My heart's cry is to be shown where and when I am to follow, and that He give me the strength and courage to leave whenever, whatever, or whomever I must, 'that God in all things may be glorified' IPeter 4:11

Fight the good fight,
(By leaving)


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