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Did You Ever Have That Time?

This was how my son, when he was young, would start a story about something that happened to him, and he wanted to know someone else had been through a similar situation. 
So..... did you ever have that time? 

Did you ever have that time when you were listening to a message, and the gist of it was clear, you could see in which direction it was going, what the point of it was, but for some reason, you got something totally different from it?

Peter saw Christ walking on the water and called out "...if it be thou, bid me come unto thee..." Now, there are two things that most people focus on in this story. First, Peter walked on the water with his Lord. Second, Peter began to sink. We all know, because we're all a bit self-righteous that way, that the reason why Peter began to sink was because he took his eyes off his Lord, and put them on his circumstances. (I give you permission to nod in pious, sagely agreement). But how's this for enlightenment - Who in the boat scrambled over Peter to be first in the water? No one. And how many times do we say 'I'll do that, pick me, pick me!' and then when we get picked we groan, thinking we never actually would be picked. Peter didn't just say he wanted to, he actually did it! Would you?? (Not I, said the goose!)

But these are not the points I'm here to make.
Peter called to the Lord 'bid me come unto thee', to which the Lord responded:
A: 'not right now, I'm too busy'. or,
B: 'no, it's too dangerous'. or,
C: 'no, you're too         to come out on the water with me'. or,
D: None of the above! (Um, hello?!)

I LOVE how He responds: "Come". That simple, that immediate. Not later, not with a sigh of resigned agreement, not with irritation because He knew He was just going to have to 'fish' him out of the water again. See where I'm going with this? How many times have my kids come to me and asked me for something and I've given them one of answers A-C? OH! That I would be as willing with my children as my Father is with me!

But that's not all; the Lord's actions when Peter did fall were very moving to me. Matt. 14:30b-32 says, "he cried, saying, Lord save me. And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt? And when they were come into the ship, the wind ceased". Again, note the Lord's immediate response. This was followed by a mild rebuke (I can just see Him shaking His head at Peter in a tsk-tsk type fashion, like I do my children), but the part that moved me was: 'when they were come into the ship'. The Lord didn't just leave him there to figure out how to get back to the boat by himself. He didn't pick him up, dust him off, and set him back down with a 'go get 'em, tiger!' They went back together. I imagine them arm-in-arm, Peter frightened out of his skull, but comforted by the strong arm of God. To know that He walks with me, supporting me wherever I go..... it's too much for words. 

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