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The Whole Story - A Rant

Do you ever wonder about the parts of the Bible that God leaves out? Do you ever speculate about how the character(s) in the story felt about things, what they were thinking, or how their story ended? 
I do. 
I think we take for granted that Daniel wasn't afraid in the lion's den. Does the Bible say he wasn't afraid? Wasn't he nervous, at the very least? Not of being delivered, but of just being in the same room with a bunch of lions?!

Or what about Abraham, who was told to offer his son as a sacrifice? Obedient he was, but what was going through his mind? Was he not worried at all? When they came off the mountain, did he tell his wife what had happened? Did she know where they were going when they left that morning? Did he get up and say excitedly, "Guess what?! God has told me to offer up our boy as a sacrifice!! I can't WAIT to see what happens!!" (To which she replied 'ok dear, have a good trip!' ??) Yeah, right. What about Isaac? What do you think his response was the next time dear old dad wanted to go sacrifice together? Did he just brush it off and say, 'ah, well, it was just that once. I understand that God was testing him and that won't happen again'. Um, I'm thinking NOT, unless he was a cyborg!

Take Joseph. In the end he told his brothers, 'Satan meant it for evil, but God meant it for good'. Man, that's just terrific. What a wonderful attitude. He was right. God did mean it for good, else Egypt and Israel both would've starved. But had he not been lonely? Had he not been scared? Did he not wonder why? Did his heart not break, when he was a man, at the thought of all the years he missed with his family?
Where are the emotional scars of our Biblical heroes? Yes, they were delivered by God, and there's no question as to their faith in Him doing so; but is there not emotional baggage attached to every great trial, whether brought on by ourselves or by God? (Is it not that way for us)? Did Joseph wake up in a cold sweat at night, from dreaming of being back in the pit, afraid for his life? Did Abraham see the glint of the knife as it was raised in the air, ready to strike
Trust, security, love, acceptance, all are emotional things that make us who we are as individuals. All are impacted by others. They are damaged, broken, stretched beyond measure, abused; in some cases, more than once. 
Did our heroes suffer from this? Did they have moments, however brief, when they would remember the past and slip off into bitterness? Loneliness? Fear? Resentfulness? Anger? Mistrust? 
If we knew the whole story and were given the missing pieces which make them relateable, touchable, human, would our heroes still be as great in our eyes....or would it make them even greater? I believe David is one such hero that many people can identify with. Why is that? I think it's because we have a record of his emotional struggles. We know he cried out to God, and we know God answered. 

How wonderful to know that no matter what we've gone through, we have a mighty One who is capable, willing, and eager to take our load upon Himself, that we may be free. And freedom is so very sweet.

Fight the good fight,


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