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What Were You Thinking?

Last Wednesday was a horrific day for many in the state of Alabama.

Over two hundred dead just in our state, most of which were in the city of Tuscaloosa.

Many things go through a person's mind when disaster approaches, at least this had been the case with me. A lot of questions began with 'what if'? What if I lost my home? What if my family were seriously hurt or even killed? I started looking around at the possessions I have in my home. Some are very dear to me. How could I save those things that couldn't be replaced, such as baby pictures? What of my coveted book collection - so much godly wisdom, most of which I've read, and some of which I've yet to read. What of heirloom valuables? Does it make me worldly or shallow to think of such things? Is my desire to protect them wrong? Things are just things, right? Am I setting up treasures in earth instead of in Heaven? At what point do we go too far with our attachment to this world?

The size of the tornado that came through here was just massive. It was a mile wide, and once it touched down in Tuscaloosa, it never left the ground until it had crossed the entire state, all the way into Georgia. Things like this don't happen in Alabama. In the plains of Oklahoma, maybe, but not here. Not ever. Looking at it on our weather channel made me cringe. It was like something out of a sci-fi movie. 'Awesome' wouldn't even cover it.

It made me think of the Israelites - before the world became so technologically advanced, so high and mighty, conceited and sure of itself, such things were always attributed to the hand of God. Earthquakes were of Him. Tornadoes, floods, fires, attacks from other nations, famine and disease, all were of Him. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting God sent this tornado to chastise the state of Alabama. But the thought occurred to me - how many of those killed, of those whose homes were destroyed, sat in an Easter service just three days before, heard the Gospel message, and walked out the door of that church with a hard heart? How many pastors had said 'This week could be your last week on earth'? How many of those who were killed, heard that message, and then three days later stepped out into eternity?

"It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not" Lam. 3:22

I thank God that He is merciful to me. My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones, and to those who have lost their worldly possessions. I pray they seek refuge in Him who is able to give healing to hearts and souls, the giver of eternal peace.

Fight the good fight,


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