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My pastor always says, 'whenever you see a 'wherefore', go back and see what it is there for'. So here. Go back and see...

Wherefore, in light of yesterday's post, I figured it would be good medicine to give just a few examples of why I'm glad God made me a mother, and why I love being a mom.

1) God has taught me many lessons through motherhood, that otherwise I would have never learned. The two most outstanding being that of patience and selflessness. Of course, since these are the most outstanding, these are also the most difficult, and the ones I work at the most.

2) I'm glad God made me a mother because it has kept me on my knees more than at any other time of my life. My heart is burdened for my children, which keeps me in constant communication with the One who created them.

3) God has shown me unconditional love through my children. No one loves us, with the exception of our Heavenly Father, like our mothers. No matter what our children do, no matter what they say, or how they act, or how they break our hearts, we love them. To see this tiny glimpse of God's love for us amazes me.

4) If I weren't a mother I wouldn't know what delight there is in my own child's laugh. What heavenly music!

5) If I weren't a mother I wouldn't feel the satisfaction in hearing my children tell me I make the best pancakes EVER, that I'm the best mother EVER, or the best at anything else... EVER. (I know that will change in about ten years, if not sooner).

5) If I weren't a mother I wouldn't know the complete exhilaration at chasing them around the house and hearing them squeal with delight and feigned terror.

6) If I weren't a mother I wouldn't know what it's like to have my heart nearly burst with emotion at seeing their angel faces at night, as they listen with wonder and joyful anticipation while reading to them a story, and to stroke their cheeks when the lights are out while I sing them to sleep.

How do I love my children? Let me count the ways. How do you love your children?

Fight the good fight,


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