Tuesday, January 18 |


The heavens declared His birth.....

During His life, did nature respond to the presence of it's maker,
(unnoticed by His human companions)?
When He rose in the morning, did the sun shine brighter?
When He walked down a path, did the flowers stand straighter?
Like the woodland creatures drawn to the mesmerizing voice of an imaginary damsel,
did animals steal to His side when no one was watching,
drawn to the One who had colored them so beautifully?

As He prayed in the garden, were there others who wept with him?

He was called the man of sorrows, abandoned by man.
Was He to have no joy, no comfort, no amusing distraction by the things He created?
Was He abandoned by nature, too? Was everything so warped by its fallen state that it didn't even recognize Him?
Unable, because of its condition, to reach out to the Master, the God-Creator? 
Or was it aware.....and too ashamed to approach Him......

What sorrow it must have been to live among those things He'd created -
beast, plant, and man - in it's sinful, twisted state. 

I heard a song once about how God created the tree on which Christ died.
Then I heard someone say every sacrifice made at the temple must have been a reminder of what was to come. How many times did He witness a lamb slain and think about the cross? 

.....And the earth declared His death.


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