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Training Your Children To Turn Out Right

Book review part two. Read part one here.

I'm just going to hit the highlights here, or as close as I can get to that without just copying the whole book. (Which will be difficult because it's that good!)
These are the things that I thought were interesting. I hope they're enough to motivate others to purchase the book.

Here's an example of what I was talking about When I mentioned the practical tips. In the chapter called "The Firm Foundation", Mr. Sorenson talks about having your children read the Bible on a regular basis. He covers the following points: Start Early, Plan Their Reading, Provide Positive Incentive, Enforce The Policy, and Just Do It Because It's Right. This includes what and how to read, and how to encourage and enforce the reading of God's word. (After all, we make them take care of themselves physically, like brushing their teeth, why wouldn't we make them take care of themselves spiritually)?

Separate your children from the world: "adding the works of the law to salvation through grace by faith is legalism. Observing Biblical principals of separation from sin and the world is not. Steering clear of the world and the things which are in the world is not legalism. It is being obedient to the Word of God which is wise" II Corinthians 6:17-18 Examples of separation are: music, TV, and the current trends.

Some other chapters include basics for spanking, and family devotions.

The last couple of chapters cover salvation; how to talk to your child to make sure they know that they know that they know, and what things to look for as evidence of their salvation.

In summary, it all starts with the parent. Be consistent. (No matter what). Do what's right. (No matter what). Get them in the Word on a daily basis. (No matter what). It will convict you at the beginning, but by the end your confidence will have grown in such a way that you will be motivated to action!

I'll end with this statement from Mr. Sorenson: "What a tragedy.. if your children miss God's will for their lives because you as a parent were sloppy and careless in the matter of faithfulness". Ouch, ouch, and ouch again.

Fight the good fight. (for Godly children!)


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