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Tis the Season to Smell Wonderful!

What woman doesn't like to smell good? Especially with the holidays coming up and family gatherings galore? Whether visitor or hostess, looking and smelling good are half the fun of entertaining and being entertained.

So, need a gift idea that fits the bill perfectly? Apple Valley Natural Soap is just the place to find one! They have a plethora of scents, including special holiday bars.

I ordered several bars from them recently: Oatmeal and Buttermilk Spice, (2) Creamy Rose Shea Butter, and Spiced Cider. So far I've only used the Creamy Rose, which I love, but the others smell so good, I may end up keeping them instead of giving them away as Christmas gifts, which was why I ordered the others to begin with!

Ok, so it's soap. It's not Oil of Olay. It's not overly sudsy, and it's not overly creamy. But it's also not commercially jacked-up. If you're going to use soap, then how about using something with natural, beneficial ingredients? They have a great scent, and even my husband said they smell good.

The Creamy Shea Butter apparently is a hot item. It seems to be constantly sold out. I had to wait for a batch to cure before I could get mine. There was a mix up with my order, but the customer service there is beyond excellent, so there was no problem. To me, that says more about a company than anything else.

Among other things, they also have lip balms, perfume oils, and lotion bars. And I'm thinking, after looking at the reviews for the lotion bar, that I'm going to try that one next. If you purchase from them, tell them I sent ya. ;) maybe I'll get a discount!

Fight the good fight (with soap!)


The Klejwa Family said...

Thank you for writing up such a nice review of our family business! I will post a link on my own blog!

Natalie Klejwa

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