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What happened to Veggie Tales?

They went bankrupt.
I heard the last part of an interview with VT's creator Phil Vischer where he talked about the fast and furious birth, rise and fall of the children's show. Phil was a guest speaker on Focus on the Family. He described the heartbreak of the company failure, and the liberating realization that God never intended for him to re-make Walt-Disney. 

Phil learned, just like many of us, that we can make mistakes and the Lord will still use us. Phil's new brain child is called Jelly Telly. It's sort of Jim Henson meets Ooh and Ahh (from Playhouse Disney).... except it's biblical. And it's not just biblical, it's DEEPLY biblical. Some topics include the Septuagint, Redemption, and Salvation. He said he wanted to express something in addition to God loves you, which was the main theme with the VT program. These lessons are put to rhymes, songs, and visual aids and stories.

This was just the thing I was looking for (one of them) in my search for growing my children's faith. My oldest watched this morning while getting ready for school. This morning's program: Deuteronomy, fifth book of the Bible, written by Moses during the 40 year wandering, written in Hebrew and translated into English; among other details I've forgotten. And that was just the song at the beginning of the story, which was about God's word being true, and how can I believe it, when I'm surrounded by people who don't tell the truth?

What an incredible resource!! This will definitely be a daily part of my children's lives. I hope you check it out, I would appreciate any feedback you may have.

Fight the good fight!


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