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To Trick, or not to Trick, that is the Question

What do you believe about Halloween? Does it 'glorify Satan' as some believe? Is it completely harmless, as others believe? What's a Christian to do? I didn't realize there were so many different views on this topic. Courtney at Women Living Well did a post on what she believes, and what she teaches her children. I agree with much of what she has to say.

Growing up, I can count on one hand how many times we went trick-or-treating, and we never went as something scary. I think a lot of Christians struggle with this. I know I do. I want my children to participate. I want them to visit their friends, to see them pretend to be something other than themselves, to get a basket full of candy. I love the competitiveness, as long as it doesn't get out of hand. I love the creativity.

I do not, however, like the ugly side, the 'dark side', if you will. I don't like the scary houses we drive by in our neighborhood. I don't like for my children to see them. Those types of things I think do glorify Satan. I can't stand all the horror movies that come on TV for the entire month of October. I have to shield my kids just from the commercials!

So, what's a God-fearing mother to do? Well, this is what I do: I compromise. Is that wrong? Is it being lukewarm? Sitting on the fence? Is it chicken? I don't know. My compromise is this - we do not decorate, we do not give out candy, we don't even stay home. We go to my sister-in-law's. She has a great neighborhood. The kids and the parents trick-or-treat as a community. This night is an opportunity not only for all the kids to get together, but also for the parents. There's even one man who makes chili every year for some of his visitors to enjoy.

My kids don't dress scary, and they never will. In fact, if there was a way for them to dress as a Bible character, I think that would be fabulous! How many little boys have you seen dressed as Superman? Why can't David be some little boy's superhero? Did he not kill a lion and a bear with his own hands? Want a superhero with super-human strength? Why not Samson? Personally, I'd want to be Bathsheeba. Not only was she married to the hottest guy around, but he was also the king, and the 'apple of God's eye'. She was also mother the richest and wisest man in Israel's history. Sadly, however, not only is there no one brave enough to make these types of costumes, no one else would even recognize them if they were worn! But maybe that could be a witnessing tool....

So, we stay away from the scary stuff, as much as possible, we trick-or-treat somewhere else, and we have fun in our harmless costumes. Oh, and should the time come when or if we had to stay at home on this night, my kids would probably still trick-or-treat. Would I decorate? Probably not. But I'd still have some candy at the ready, just in case we had some visitors, with a gospel track tucked inside.

Fight the good fight!

P.S. As a side note, for those who don't do Halloween because of the evil it represents, why are those same lines not drawn at Christmas? Do some research on the origins of typical Christmas traditions. You'll find a little paganism in there. Does that change the way you celebrate? It doesn't for me!


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