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Rahab's Rope

While at the True Woman Conference in Ft Worth, I happened upon an exhibition called 'Rahab's Rope', where they were selling beautiful jewelry, purses, and scarves/shawls. The items were just gorgeous. Very feminine and lovely. I purchased a scarf/shawl and have received many comments on how beautiful it is.

To my embarrassment, however, I neglected to notice the mission of Rahab's Rope. I knew the items for sale were made in India, but I didn't know they were made by the women who'd been rescued from slave labor and the sex trade. I went to their website and learned all about the work they are doing there. The business itself is located in Georgia, but all the items are made by the women in India and shipped here for purchase. All of the profits go back to India to help these women.

You can learn more about them here.

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