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Make You Garden Grow IV

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Well I examined, pulled, watered, worried, waited, and watched until finally, I was able to start transferring food from the garden to the kitchen. 

With every item I tried to grow, I had to look up how I was supposed to know when the time was to harvest. Some harvest dates were determined by days, some were determined by the change in foliage, and some were determined by color. 

Sweet potatoes were a mixture of days and leaves. What an uncomplicated thing to grow!! These can be harvested when a certain amount of time has expired, but they can also be left in the ground until the leaves turn yellow, or can even be left in the ground over the winter. In fact, the longer they're left in the ground, the more nutritious they are. Kind of like me and God's word...

One thing I noticed about potatoes and other roots - there's no way to know what lies beneath until it's dug up. Isn't that SO true about us??! How about 'you can't judge a book by it's cover'? I had no idea if they had shriveled up and died, if they were big, or small, or if they were ate up with bugs. 

Only you and the Lord know in what state your heart is. On the outside, everything may look healthy and wonderful - but what's on the inside? What's going on under the surface that no one else knows about? Would the real you be someone you'd share with those around you? Your family? Your church? 

I think my potatoes were a pretty accurate picture of me. They weren't huge, but good size; they had some spots on them where the bugs had gotten to them, but it wasn't bad. I know I have issues, or bugs, that need to be dealt with on a daily basis. I take pride, however, in knowing that I'm better off today than I was a year ago. And hopefully, I'll be able to say the same thing next year. 

Harvesting can't be done until the plants are mature. The same goes for us. We can't be salt and light unless we're mature. We can't win souls for Christ unless we're mature. Our maturity will depend on how we've fed ourselves. We must steadfastly water, protect, and feed our spirit. 

Once the plants are harvested, then the feasting can begin! What unspeakable joy to be able to partake in the fruits of our labor?! To see God work through us and accomplish such wonderful things! 

The last post will cover 'What About'?.... 

Fight the good Fight! (with a bountiful harvest!) 


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