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It's Not an Act. It's My Nature

Once again Oswald Chambers has broken through the mist and made clear something that I didn't even realize I didn't completely understand.

Whenever anyone mentioned man's 'sin nature', I understood that to mean man's (sometimes uncontrollable) desire to commit sin; selfishness, disobedience, vengeance, pride, the list goes on. However, it is none of those things. It's not an act. It's not in what I do or say or think or feel. It's my nature. It's something inside me that I have no control over, something that was handed down to me from Adam. This nature is my 'right' to myself. Here - let Mr. Oswald explain:

    "The Bible does not say that God punished the human race for one man's sin, but that the nature of sin, namely, my claim to my right to myself, entered into the human race through one man..... The nature of sin is not immorality and wrongdoing, but the nature of self-realization which leads us to say, "I am my own god." This nature may exhibit itself in proper morality or in improper immorality, but it always has a common basis - my claim to my right to myself. When our Lord faced either people with all the forces of evil in them, or people who were clean-living, moral and upright, He paid no attention to the moral degradation of one, nor any attention to the moral attainment of the other. He looked at something we do not see, namely, the nature of man.

    Sin is something I am born with and cannot touch- only God touches sin through redemption..... God nowhere holds a person responsible for having the heredity of sin, and does not condemn anyone because of it. Condemnation comes when I realize that Jesus Christ came to deliver me from this heredity of sin, and yet I refuse to  let Him do so. 'This is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light...' John 3:19"

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this devotional. It's a bit deep, and there are some days that I read it and it all sounds good, but doesn't really click. But I keep on going, because I know as I mature, those things will start to become clearer to me, just as this one did today. If you haven't read this book, you should. If you don't do devo's every day, this is a great place to start. I do a page from his book, and a chapter in Proverbs, whichever corresponds to the date.

Fight the good fight!

P.S. - the emphasis in Mr. Oswald's quote is mine.


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