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How To Make Your Garden Grow V

This is the last (finally, huh?) in a series of posts about the parallels I found between growing my garden and growing my Christian life. You can read the previous posts here: part I ,II, III, IV 

What About...?

When to plant:
I have four children. My oldest just recently left home, and is living on his own. He is not only in the world, but of the world. He is a prime example of ill-timed gardening. I mentioned before how knowing when to plant was important. There isn't just a season to plant, in some cases there is a specific month, even a specific week. What happens if we plant too early? A late frost may kill the seed. What happens if we plant too late? The harvest is stunted and week. This is what happened to my eldest child. I understand he's old enough to make his own decisions. Yes, he was told the difference between right and wrong; he had the teaching, but missed the example. Now, to some extent, I am reaping what I have sown.

When disaster strikes:
The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.
Mrs. Wood, from A Moment With M.O.M. once told me how frustrated she was when, on a couple of occasions, they'd moved soon after her garden started coming in. After all the hard work of preparing the soil and planting the seed, her (and her family's) efforts were reaped by another. But then she found peace knowing that the Lord used her to provide for someone else. We never know how we're going to be used, and if we see each opportunity as a potential blessing to someone else, instead of a loss to ourselves, then we would be much happier people!

What about when we loose our garden to drought, to excessive rain, or other things? My aunt in Oklahoma has to deal with tornadoes every year. Last spring they put in a garden that was a quarter of an acre in size. Right after the plants started producing, tornadoes came through and she cried, 'please Lord, not the garden! Anything but that!' She was kidding, obviously, but what happens when we loose everything? We keep going. Persevere! I Cor. 15:58 There is a purpose in everything. "All things work together for good to them that love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose". If we are in His will. Even if we don't see the purpose behind what He has allowed in our lives, there is much peace in knowing He's in control, and that no matter what, we'll be taken care of. 

Looking to next year:
Pruning - Luke 13:6-9 The dresser of the vineyard told the master that he could (possibly) get the vine to produce if he was allowed to prune, dig, and dung the plant. What areas need to be pruned in life? What unnecessary things are there that are wasting precious nutrients from the rest of the body? What takes me away from my family, from my service to the Lord? Where can I eliminate things this year, to make room for growth next year? 

The garden of a wife and mother is her home. Gardening can represent not only she as an individual and her walk with the Lord, but also how she nurtures her family. Let Luke 13 be a warning - what use is a tomato plant which produces no tomatoes? None. Those plants which don't produce are cut down.

How is your garden?

Fight the good fight.


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