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Best Parenting Book. Ever.

Our Sunday School teacher put us on a reading assignment. The book's called Training Your Children To Turn Out Right! I've read several books on parenting, and they all say the same thing. Basically, teach them the Word of God, pray with them, and be a good example. Excuse me, but DUH.

So, when he handed us this book, I was thinking, ok, here we go again. Um, NOT.
In a statement, what I liked about this author is that he gives practical, every day examples and ideas of HOW and WHEN and WHY to be the example, read, and pray with them. He doesn't just state the obvious, he walks you through step by step of how it's done, how he did it, what things are good for you and your kids, and what things are bad for you and your kids.

There are several statements he makes throughout the book which just really stuck with me. One of them was this: "It seems that we have raised a generation of Christian young people who are good kids, but not godly..... Being good may be fine as far as the world is concerned, but God has a far higher standard for our children - that they be godly". I can't COUNT how many times I've gotten upset with my eighteen year old. Then in an effort to keep him from thinking that I thought he was a 'bad' kid, I'd tell him, "don't get me wrong, son, I know we have our problems, but you're a good kid". Never, in all the time before he left home did I think he was a godly kid. (Which makes me profoundly sad). I take full responsibility for that. Don't misunderstand me. He knows right from wrong, and he chooses the world over Christ. I do not take responsibility for the choices he makes now. But there is a guilt there for not having raised him to be a godly kid, instead of a good kid. I was a terrible mother to him. I have determined, however, that the story will be different with the three children I have remaining at home. When they're gone, no matter what road they may choose to take, I'll know that I did everything I could to train them to be not good kids, but godly kids.

And so, into the book.
Inevitably, all things start with the parent. We must possess  self-discipline, specifically in the area of doing what is right. Dr. Sorenson says "Discipline is the key to Christian character.... I must determine ahead of time that it will make no difference whether doing what is right is easy or hard. I will just do what is right.... whether it is fun, hard, popular or unpopular is irrelevant. Whether I want to do something or feel like doing something has nothing to do with it. If it is right that settles it; and if it is not right, that likewise settles it. ..... we must instill that strength of character into our children". He talks about discipline of the mind and the emotions. Discipline is the key to organization. Even punctuality is a sign of discipline, or lack thereof.

That covered the first four chapters. Somewhere in those pages he briefly mentions an example of how to get your kids reading the Word. He and his wife started with their girls when they first learned how to read. They would do a verse every night. As they got older, one verse grew to a couple of verses, which grew to chapters. Every night. (Discipline). It was a habit which they never grew out of.
This is where I started with my children.

There is so much more I want to share, but not too much all at once. I'll break it up into separate posts.
Thanks for reading.

Fight the good fight!


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