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Salt and Light

We started a new Sunday School series called
Salt and Light.

It's so wonderful when you suddenly find yourself with an extra half hour or so to really dig into something (getting up at four in the morning may have had something to do with that).

Most people are familiar with the passage in Matt 5 where Christians are called 'salt'.  I've heard some pastors teach on this verse, and many have referenced it. 

We are the 'flavor' of the world, if you may. 

What are the uses of salt? Flavor, cleansing, healing, purification, preservation. Those are pretty much the obvious. 

But I learned something new! In all the times I've read about the children of Israel and the sacrifices they made at the temple, there was something I'd always missed. You know how a lot of times you can read something and just sort of skip over the details? This was one of those details. There was one extra step they were commanded to do to the meat offering. They were to put salt on it. (Lev 2:13)  Ok, so they were supposed to salt the offerings. Big deal. So they wanted a little flavoring with their meat. Or maybe they wanted to preserve it. So what? 
SO, there was another reason. 

Salt was a symbol of of God's covenant with His people. In Leviticus it's described as 'the salt of the covenant of thy God'. In Numbers it's described as 'a covenant of salt forever before the LORD'. 

So, in the OT, the salt was a picture of God's preservation of, His covenant with, His people. Today, we as Christians are the salt. Not just to purify, to heal, and preserve those around us, but we're also a picture of the covenant He has made with us. 

Isn't that just too cool??

How salty are YOU?

Fight the good fight!


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