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My New (Second) Favorite

Ms. June at A Wise Woman Builds Her Home did a drawing a couple of weeks back for a prize from New Creation Apparel. I didn't win, of course, but I liked what I saw so much that I thought I'd buy something. 

I'd been looking for a jean skirt for a while, and when I saw this one it fit the bill. I'm always afraid of buying 'modest' dresses and skirts because they tend to look little-house-on-the-prairie-ish. This one does not. The lines and ruffles give it femininity, and the length is nice. I personally love a long skirt. Those that I looked at came in two lengths, so if you wanted to go with something a bit shorter, you have that option, which I think is just fabulous. 

I put this on straight out of the box! It's adorable, comfortable, and fit perfectly. The fabric is very light weight; even in ninety degree heat it wasn't overly hot. The pockets were a nice touch, and a good place to put my keys! 

I don't know if they're having any sales right now, but go take a look. You may still want to purchase something. Check out June's site first, she has a good snapshot of Creation's inventory. 

Fight the good fight (with modest apparel)

P.S. - and here's one for babies - Little Disciples (via A Wise Woman Builds Her Home)


Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Thanks for the link and so happy to hear that your were please with your skirt! You have a nice looking blog here, keep up the great work...

Have a great day building up your sacred home!

Many blessings...

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