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How to Make Your Garden Grow

This is the second in a series of posts in which I share the things I learned as a result of my first garden. Part one can be viewed here.

Preparing the Soil.

What are the necessary ingredients for producing life? We all learned in elementary school that plants need three essential ingredients: soil, water, and light. For a Christian, this translates to:
  • Church ... not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together Heb. 10: 25 
  • the Word: ...and these words shall be in thine heart.....and shall teach them to thy children....and talk of them...and bind them on thine hand....and be as frontlets between thine eyes....and be written on the posts of thy house and on thy gates. Deut 6: 6-9
  • Prayer. How can you have a relationship without communication? Would you go all day without talking to your spouse? How well would you know your children if you never spent any time with them?

When is the right time to plant? Where is the right place? What kind of soil? Sandy? Clay? Acidic? We all are some kind of garden. Whether or not we are fertile for planting depends on how much soil, water and Light we allow in our lives. Seed can only be planted and prosper in the right conditions. In Matt 13 Jesus gives the parable of the sower, how some seed dried up for lack of soil, some were choked and killed by weeds, some were eaten by predators, and some fell on good soil and prospered. 

Preparation also means removing obstacles and tilling. Rocks and debris would translate to those things in our lives that hinder us from prospering in our relationship with and service to God. This can mean anything from sin, to things that are just unnecessary. Tilling would translate to the removal of such things. The sweetest fragrances sometimes come from flowers that have been crushed. In some areas, we may have to be broken up before we can be used. 

My garden had a variety of plants, and most were in the same type of soil. I learned that some plants need a different kind of soil, so they didn't do well. I learned that some needed MORE soil, and didn't do well. And a few, just a few, had the right combination, so I was able to see fruit produced. 

In Genesis 3, God cursed the ground. The only way man could produce was by the sweat of his brow. Back-breaking work. Praise Him for the ability to work, for the wonder of life reproducing, and the satisfaction of partaking of the fruit. 
How wonderful to see the work of the Lord flourish and know you had a part in that!! 

In what state is your soil? 

Fight the good fight (with good soil)


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