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How to Make Your Garden Grow III

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Watching it Grow

Perseverance. Consistency. Attention. For the garden to grow, you have to be aware of its needs. Does it have enough Light? Does it need water or have too much? Are the insects getting more out of it than you are? If I plant a seed and then never look at the garden again until it's time to harvest, what's probably going to happen? It'll die. If we get saved, and do nothing for the Lord until we meet him at the end of our physical life, what's probably going to happen to our spiritual life? It'll die. Not only will we have been useless to others, but fruitless!

Every day I went out to examine my plants. I was constantly aware of the condition they were in so I would know how to tend to them. What is the condition of my spiritual life today, as compared to yesterday? Last week? Last year? Did I take the time today to examine myself to see if I was on the right track to producing fruit?

Since my plants were in storage bins, and I used mostly dirt from the store (until I learned about composting), I didn't have many weeds, which was a blessing. There were a few, though, that had to be pulled. What weeds are in my life? What things are there that I need to get rid of? What thoughts, actions, possessions, or habits, are useless time-wasters?

In Matt 5:18-23 the Lord explains to the disciples the parable of the sower. In verse 22 He talks about the 'thorns', or weeds, and said these are the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches. These choked the Word and the seed became unfruitful. In general, we view things as 'good' or 'bad', as 'sin' or not 'sin'. But sometimes there is that grey area called 'uselessness'. It doesn't have to be 'wrong'. It just has to be unnecessary, for me not to grow. STOP and LISTEN to His still, small voice. CLEAR OUT the clutter and make room in your day for Him.

What about predators? When I harvested some of my sweet potatoes, I noticed two things right off; one, they were beautiful! Two, they had some places where larvae had burrowed into them.
I didn't get much lettuce because of the worms. Be on the lookout for those who would take from you. Paul warns about false teachers. Acquaintances and people who call themselves your 'friend' can be a distraction.

Don't not do something for the Lord because of someone else. Your time with the Lord is precious. For you, and to Him.

Fight the good fight (with perseverance)


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