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Effectual and Fervent

Is there someone in your lIfe whom you should be praying for, on a regular basis, but you're not? I think we all have someone like that. I know I do.

Lately I've started wondering, does the Lord sometimes allow problems to come up between you and an individual just to get you to more earnestly pray for them? I know it's been said that we don't know how to pray for someone unless we know something of what's going on in their life. But sometimes, that's not enough. It's not enough just to love them, to know what their needs are. Sometimes, it's necessary to be at odds with them, to hurt over them.

It's also interesting how He uses His Word to bring these people to mind. I've just recently started reading a Proverb a day. I started last month, and have tried to read a chapter each day. And each day, there is at least one verse that makes me think about this person. It makes my heart groan. It makes me pray.

James 5:16 says 'the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much'.
Effectual: with desire; boiling over; operative.
Fervent: earnest.
Righteous: having a right attitude and actions.
If you study the context, you'll see this isn't prayer for self. It's prayer for others. It's not about me, it's about you. Sometimes that's hard to remember.

I do not like this constant sorrow in my heart, but if it causes me to be effectual and fervent in my prayers for another, then I praise God for it.

Fight the good fight,


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