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Why Do People Keep Asking Me that?

Since giving birth to my two daughters, I've developed an interest in all things girly. And I don't mean for them, though that would also be the case, but for me. The past couple of years I've enjoyed wearing things that are feminine, that look nice, that are girlie. I like it when my hair is 'done', and I have make-up on, and I especially enjoy wearing skirts. I've fallen in love with skirts. I love the way they swish around my ankles, the way they make me feel.... pretty. Sara Mae at Like A Warm Cup of Coffee had a 'Get Dressed' challenge back in April and I think this was fuel to the fire.

So now, I wear a dress or a skirt every chance I get. They're not anything fancy. It's just a skirt. But people keep asking me, 'why are you 'dressed up''? Dressed up? because I have a skirt on? To me 'dressed up' invokes images of weddings, or thirty year reunions, or business attire for someone near the top of the corporate ladder. I'm not dressed up. I'm just dressed the way I think the Lord would have me dress, the way He created me to present myself. (And did I say it makes me feel pretty?)

Nancy Leigh DeMoss' program today was about appropriate attire. One thing I didn't realize, when Adam and Eve fell in the garden and God clothed them, it wasn't merely because their eyes were open to their nakedness and God knew that fig leaves wouldn't last long. This was a picture of God covering our sin, which has a direct impact on how we dress today.  We don't wear clothing simply to make a fashion statement. God provided a covering suitable to cover our fallen nature, our shame, our sin. To Adam and Eve, He provided the skin of an animal. To us today, He provides Christ's blood. Our clothing is a picture of our acknowledgement of our Creator covering our fallen nature.

Nancy's guest speaker, who will be at the True Woman conferences in September and October, digs into the meaning behind the description of how the godly woman should dress, as described by 1Timothy 2:9.

The godly woman needs to dress like a godly woman. That doesn't mean frumpy. That doesn't mean un-attractive. It doesn't even mean 'dressed up'. We can be beautiful and feel beautiful and still represent God's covering of our sin.
To read today's program called Taking the Gospel into the Dressing Room, click here.

Fight the good fight!


Liz said...

I didn't hear the radio program, but I know that Mary Kassian had a short video on the True Woman blog awhile back on dressing modestly. I liked her insights into why we "cover up". The more we show our nakedness, the more we are demonstrating an unashamedness of our sinfulness.

By the way, I just finished the Voices of the True Woman Movement book, and it was excellent. I'll be attending the conference in Sept. with ladies from my church.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jenny. I HEAR you. A couple of years back I started to wear more skirts and dresses. Wanted to see for myself if you get treated any *differently*. The fact is, yes you do. I have more guys open doors for me than more likely if I do not wear one. Not to say that is ALWAYS the case but most of it, yes. My oldest daughter actually asked me today if we could go online to pick out more skirts....I nearly fell off the sofa. She always seemed like a blue-jean kind of girl but it would seem that I am changing that thought. Found your link on ROH and enjoyed your thoughts.


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