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Road Trip Pt 4: Chattahoochee Trail

This is the fourth and final chapter in my Road Trip blog. If you missed parts one through three, you can read them here: Pt 1: BMW Style,
 Pt 2: MusingsPt 3: Blood Mountain

This is Mountain Crossings.

The Chattahoochee Trail is just on the other side of the road. Motorists of all sorts, whether on two wheels or four, and hikers of every age make a pit stop here on a regular basis.

Travelers stopping here come for a variety of reasons;  souvenir shopping, a look at the view, a healthy snack.

There are some travelers, though, who not only take a little something, they leave a little something. 

The people who  run this place are on a mission;  they collect shoes. The goal is, one pair for every mile walked of the trail. If I remember correctly, they currently have nine hundred pair of shoes. 

I don't know how many miles of walking trail there is, but the National Forest covers 749,689 acres! So where do you keep nine hundred pair of shoes (and counting)? Why, in the trees, of course! Where else?! 

This is just one example of many of the trees they've hung these walkers' shoes in. Just about every tree in the front of the store and around both sides are covered in shoes.

For more information on the Chattahoochee National Forest, click here.

This is a picture of the road we came in on:

This is a picture of my hubby, taking a picture of me, in front of the road we cam in on ;)

Flowers in bloom at the front of the store:

View from the back of the store:

Aren't we cute?!

And so ended the tour. Back on the bike - west on Hwy 180 to Suches, then south through Rome. Spent the night in Carrollton, at a Jamison Inn (musty smell, broke toilet lid, old bath fixtures, squealing pipes).

Next morning, a quick snack from the hotel's continental breakfast, then back on the horse. I mean bike.
We went back through Lineville, on south to Hwy 9 into Montgomery, where, upon our arrival, my youngest went screaming past me and threw herself into her daddy's arms. Go figure. Glad I have more than one kid :)

Thus endeth the story. 
                                          Thanks for reading!


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