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Road Trip, BMW Style

This is my hubby. 
(This is not the BMW)

Every time I see him in his gear, the song 'cool rider' from Grease II starts running through my head (ok, so I only know half the chorus, but that's not the point).

The weekend of 8-8-2010 we went on a bike trip together. My first bike trip. I'd been on the BMW a couple of times, when we went on our date nights, but never for any real length of time. The general route - south Al to northeast Ga.

We left the kids with the in-laws in Montgomery, Al on Friday afternoon. The first pit-stop we made was at a little country store by the name of Walnut Something-Or-Other.... Creek?, in Ponders, Ga. It reminded me of the little store we had in my home town of Margaret, Al, only this one was bigger. The store clerk offered to us two over-sized wooden rocking chairs to rest our, (ahem, my) sore bottoms on. Complete with satellite TV!

When we left Montgomery, the heat was just terrible, but it didn't stay that way for long. About thirty minutes short of the state line we started getting some cloud cover, and actually got rained on a bit, which wasn't bad. Hubby kept most the rain off of me, since he was in front. I looked funny with my knees all wet and the rest of me dry :) When we got around the 12 mile marker on Hwy (St Rd? Co Rd?) 27 we came to an overpass where the view was just breath-taking. It had rained ahead of us, and the sun was starting to go down. The combination of the rays through the clouds and the steam coming up through the trees was a sight to behold. The picture doesn't do it justice, let me tell you.

About half an hour later we came through a small town (don't remember which it was) where by that time the sun had turned into a red ball of fire. The colors in the clouds were magnificent. Hubby offered to stop and take a pic, but I couldn't be bothered with it, and now I SO regret it. The further we rode, the better the skyline became, but by that time there were all kinds of buildings and vehicles in it, which would've taken away from the shot, so I didn't bother with getting out the camera.

So, the route so far - Montgomery to Lineville up Hwy 49, south of Rome Ga, to Ellijay, where we stopped for the night. Dinner at almost nine Ga time at Logan's, then a room at the Best Western Mountain View Inn, where we 'crashed' (get it?) for the night.



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