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Obama Hate Mail

You know, I'm just as irritated as the next guy. I'm just as disappointed, just as outraged, just as ready to vote out the old and in with the new. I'm all for the Tea Party. I'm all for people and organizations who stand up for what is right, for making their voices heard when things aren't right.

But I think there's a line that's been crossed, here. Are we, or are we not Christians? Are we, or are we not supposed to emulate Christ in everything, including how we treat our President? In Daniel, the Bible says, He removes kings and sets up kings. In Romans, it says there is no power but of God; the powers that be are ordained of God. Titus was to teach the people to be subject to principalities and powers, and to obey magistrates.

What atrocities must have been performed of the Roman government during the time of Christ; do you think He shouted at every passer-by his irritations with Roman law and its leaders?

Yes, protest. Yes, fight for what's right. Yes, yes, and yes again. But do it with grace, and dignity, with godliness. Do it as Christ would do it. My pastor once said, 'There are a lot of Christians out there who aren't Christians. 'Christian' means Christ-like' We aren't 'Christians' because it's a name we wear. We're Christians because it's how we live our life'. Even in politics, and sharing our opinion and giving our voice, we are to be Christ-like.

He may not be doing things the right way, but he's in office for a reason. God put him there for a reason. And he's not 'Mr. Obama'. He's President Obama.

We are called to be different. Can the world tell you're a Christian by how you treat your president??

And by the way - if you're one of those sending me Obama hate mail, I'd appreciate it if you'd stop. Thank you.

Fight the good fight.


M. Mehlhoff said...

Good point Jenny. I dislike him, but you're right he was put there, put over us, and we are subject to him by God Almighty.

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