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I'd been praying for weeks for the weekend to go well. It was the hottest part of the summer. We would be on a motor bike, wearing all of our protective gear, for three days. Temperatures had been in the upper nineties for days, and showed no signs of dropping off any time soon.

We drove the kids to the in-laws and spent the night. The next morning, I prayed one last time for the weekend to go well. My two major concerns: leaving my babies, and the brutal heat. Neither of these were situations I was able to have any control over. Only God controls the weather. This was the easier of the two for me to accept. But I worried over my babies. Not because of whom they were being left with, but because neither parent would be there to watch over them.
Every fear began with 'what if ___?' 

Then, in that still small voice, the Lord said to me, "Am I not the one who watches over your children even when you are with them? Am I the One in control, at all times, or not?" It was then that I realized that my fear wasn't about leaving them in God's hands, because a part of me knew all along, no matter what, that they were always in His hands. This was about taking them out of mine, which they were never in to begin with. Suddenly, my prayer changed from, 'watch over them', to 'help me to remember Who is in control'. God will keep my children in HIS care; it matters not whether they happen to be physically with me, or with someone else. That's not to say I didn't worry about them. The difference was, I trusted in whose hands they were really in.

God is good - the heat really wasn't much of a factor; in fact, for the most part, it was down right perfect. We witnessed one of the most magnificent sunsets I'd seen in many years, and my children not only were safe, but were very content to spend three days without their parents, which was a first for all of us. The weekend was just wonderful. It was everything I imagined it could be, everything I wanted it to be. Everything fell together in a way which rarely happens for me.

"When I consider thy heavens, and the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars which thou hast ordained, What is man, (that would be me), that thou art mindful of him? Or the son of man, that thou visitest him?" Ps. 8:3-4 There is nothing more humbling than to know that you know the Creator of the universe has not only heard, but granted what was requested.

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