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Showing America's Pride

Pioneer Woman did a photo contest for the fourth - here are the finalists (with a sneak peek below). Winner to be announced on Sunday. Enjoy!

Prayer for our country


kewkew said...

I saw your comment on Courtney's blog regarding homeschooling and your hubby. Just wanted to say I would be praying for you. I dealt with that with my ex. I had become a believer and he wasn't going to have anything to do with that. He wouldn't let me homeschool (Probably because back then my only reason for homescooling was religious and he saw it as another thing from the church he couldn't stand). He divorced me 10 years ago and my kids had to go to public school (still are). My new hubby and I plan on homescooling our 3 little ones.
I'm sure it's not easy for you. I wasn't sure how to submit to a non believer being a new Christian, and I failed miserably. I wish I had had Courtney's site, the book by Debi Pearl called Created to be His Helpmeet, and another book called, Me, Obey Him? (not sure who by) when I was married to my first hubby. I have them now and I am working through these resources.
Anyhow, will be praying.

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