Saturday, July 10 |

Opinion Poll

I DO have an opinion. So get ready, 'cause here it is:

If you want me to answer the phone, then don't hang up after the third ring, KNOWING I can't get to the phone that fast.
If you want me to answer the phone, then don't use caller ID block.
If it's important enough for you to call me two days a week for a month, then it's important enough to leave a message, or put your caller ID on so I know who to call back.

In my opinion, if the afore mentioned circumstances can not or won't be changed, then you don't deserve to get my opinion when you call to find out what I think of Barack Obama. And yes, I have an opinion about him, too. But that's another issue all together.

If you don't want me to know who you are, or what your phone number is, then you're probably right; I'm not going to want to talk to you. I can promise you one thing though, after a month of you pestering me, I'm going to make it a point to race to the phone when you call. But the opinion you're going to get is NOT the one you're calling for.


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