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One Nation 'Under God' or Not?

This is the title of an ABC report on a battle that's going on between atheists and evangelicals over some billboards which were 'intended to be patriotic'. The billboards, which went up over the fourth of July weekend, proclaim 'One Nation Indivisible'. Trinity Baptist, a church in Asheville NC, decided to make a stand using some billboards of their own. I've been told by a friend of mine that because of this, the church is now receiving a lot of hate mail. Please pray for the soldiers who've decided to fight this battle!

To read the ABC article, click here.

On a personal note - I believe this nation was founded not just because of religious oppression. I believe it was founded because Christians were the ones being oppressed, and wanted the freedom to practice Christianity without oppression, first, and the freedom to express other religious views second. If Christianity hadn't been front and center in this great nation's birth, then why is it's past saturated with Christian principals and declarations? (I.E. One Nation, UNDER GOD).

Also, I find it interesting that the person they interviewed stated that the original pledge didn't have those words in it when it was created in 1892, but was added in 1954, during the Cold War against communist and atheist Russia. Um, you think maybe America was trying to tell the world something??

God bless this nation, and God help us when that day comes when we as a nation turn our backs on Him! 

FIGHT the good fight!


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