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Cornerstones Wednesday Link Up

I've been waiting a week to get these pictures up! I ordered Polished Cornerstones for Chrissy and I to do together. She's only five, so some of the lessons are a bit complicated for her, but at her age, what means the most to her is the time she and I spend together. Being the oldest, she doesn't get one on one with me much. You know how that goes.

This book offers two very important things, Bible study, and home-making lessons. She's a bit young for being taught how to take care of house and husband, but she loves the Bible study. We use memory verses to practice writing skills, and we started the Ruby Doll project, which teaches her about the Virtuous Woman of Proverbs 31, and arts and crafts, like sewing, at the same time. When we review what we've learned about the Prov 31 woman the two things that stand out for her is she's up before the sun, and works until after dark!

The doll, of course, is her favorite. Polished Cornerstones has a kit with instructions on how to make her from scratch, along with husband and family. Doorposts is offering a discount for Raising Homemakers readers.

This is the complete Ruby Doll Kit

Cornerstones gives a checklist of things to accomplish each day: Read the Bible, Review Memory Verse(s), Memorize Scripture, Pray, and work on a project. Depending on how much time we spend on our doll, we average about thirty to forty-five minutes. And she just LOVES it.

Stay tuned! Updates to come! Same bat time, same bat channel!  ;)


Kim said...

Awesome! I may have to look into this...

Tiffany said...

Love it! I so want to get the Ruby doll for my little gal!

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