Tuesday, June 29 |

Reading through the Bible

Ok, so .... I guess it's not going all that great. As of today, I am exactly one MONTH behind!

Two positive things I can say, though, first, I'm not this far behind because of reading other books. I'm not reading anything other than the Bible; I just can't get to it.
 (I did, however, finish Janet Pope's book His Word in My Heart, but there were only two chapters left, so that doesn't count!)  
Second, at least I'm still plodding along! I'm determined, that even if I go over my goal of one year, I WILL finish. It just may take a while longer ;) 

By the way, a bit of Bible word trivia - I'm (still) working on Titus chapter two. In vs ten I came across the word 'purloining'. Go look it up! 


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