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Is Anyone Else in Here Cold?

Don't you just looove rss feeds? I caught just the end of Nancy DeMoss' broadcast today called Two Are Better Than One. That little bit was so interesting I had to download it to my phone so I could hear it from the beginning.

A while back I shared via post a bit of something difficult I had gone through. I described how the Lord helped me through this by speaking to me from a different pastor, in a different church, in a different state, and how I was comforted by the words that I heard on that Mother's Day.

What I failed to realize, until this morning while listening to Nancy's broadcast, was that He sent me to  Oklahoma to be comforted not only by Him, but also by my best friend. Was it coincidence that something so upsetting happened to me and then I immediately went out of state? Is there such a thing as coincidence in a Christian's life? I don't believe so. There was a part of me that wanted to stay home, to work through the problem that I was facing. But in my own human short-sightedness, I figured I could use the time away. God, on the other hand, knew I needed my best friend. He worked out that someone so far away from me could still be there for me when I needed her. Again, I ask, isn't our God wonderful??

Just to let you in on a bit of history, this gal and I went two years to school together. That was all we had. But our souls were knit together, just like David and Johnathan. We were inseparable. Then my family moved out of state. We kept up with each other for a few short years, but lost touch. She was the only person I'd ever called my best friend. She was truly a sister to me, and I've never had anyone be as close to me as she was. I longed over the years to find someone I could have that type of relationship with again. And being a SAHM didn't help, as I'm sure you all can attest to!

After many years, the Lord allowed me to find her. (I guess Facebook can be good for something after all)!
God has His own timing. He brought her back into my life at just the right moment. We've already shared many a tear together, many a laugh, many a struggle, many a prayer. She has been my support and I believe I have been hers.

Nancy is right. We need our friends. We need to make them, we need to keep them, we need to support them. This month, I'm going to work on my friendships; stirring up old ones, and generating new ones.

How about you?


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