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Songs in the Key of Solomon

Ok, I'm a bit slow sometimes, I admit. I'm just now discovering the side-splitting antics of Anita Renfroe. The first time I was introduced to Mrs. Renfroe was when looking at "Pursuing Happily Ever After", an article on Focus on the Family's website. Unfortunately the link with the video of her doing 'I Say A Little Payer for You' is no longer there. But the page gives the information on a new book that she and her husband have come out with called 'Duets'. This book was the follow up to the couple's devotional 'Songs in the Key of Solomon'.

Both of them sounded very interesting. I'd never done a couple's devotional before. My husband isn't a believer, so I didn't think he'd be interested in a Bible study with me. But this book seemed different. So I bought it. I just started reading it today; thought I'd take a glance and see what the fuss was all about. It's a great combination of devotional and romantic suggestion. Bubble baths with grapes. A night in a sleeping bag. Each suggestion with an excerpt from the Song of  Solomon, and ending with thought-provoking questions. (Nothing too heavy; we all know how the guys hate that sort of thing :) For instance, if the house was on fire and everyone was safely outside, but you had time to run back in and save one memento of your love, what would it be? Or, if money weren't an option, what might you buy to show your love for your mate? The scripture references are written in the NIV, so it flows a bit easier, and I think easier for someone who's not a believer to understand.

Now, just a word about the different versions of the Bible - I believe God's word, as it was originally written, or as close to it as we can get, is the only way to study the Bible. I am an avid defender of the King James Version. I believe the Bible to be a living organism, through which God speaks to us, and all other versions are watered-down wanna-be's. I also believe that it was written the way it was to make us search the scriptures. To dig into its depths and discover the hidden treasures God has for us there. The more time and effort we put into the Word of God, the more we get out of it. The closer our relationship is, the more we know Him.

HOWEVER, for those times when we just want a snapshot, just the idea of a passage, something to add to an additional resource, then I have no problem with a different version, as long as it's closely related to the KJV. Nothing that takes verses out or changes the meanings of things. Currently I'm reading through the Bible in one year (or sooner, I hope!) and am using a Chronological Study Bible that's in the New KJV.

It's made reading through very smooth and more understandable. I would NOT, however, use this Bible as a study Bible. My KJV has been my best friend for many years, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

So. Aaaaaall that being said, the few devotionals in this book I've read through so far have been very enjoyable. And then, on a spur of the moment idea, I popped the question, "would you do devotionals with me?" I had anticipated his reaction - the rolling of the eyes, the groaning like I was asking him to go shopping at the mall with me. I was not disappointed. :) But, wonderful man that he is, he indulged me. I read to him one of the devotionals. He was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't preachy. It wasn't an in-depth study guide, full of stuff he wasn't going to understand. It talked about how love was stronger than death. How can you not like that? There were only  two short verses. Then after that, the thought provoking questions. We had a good time sharing ideas, even a laugh or two. It took all of about ten minutes from start to finish.

When I left the room, I told him I'd like to read one of those every day. And surprise of surprises.... he agreed.


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What a great man your husband must be.

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