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Is Marriage SACRED??

Last week, I got into a heated discussion with someone over the sanctity of marriage. (At least, that was my view of it). We crossed many paths during the discussion, subjects on marriage and sex, sex before marriage, virginity, what the difference was in sex for those who marry when virgins and stay faithful only to each other, till death do they part, and those who fool around prior to marriage. For women, things are different. We all know that. There's a lot of emotional baggage attached to previous relationships. For men, well...., I guess I've learned that's just not the case, at least not this case.

One of those paths we crossed was the subject of STD's and where they came from. This person believed very strongly that STD's were just some sort of virus that 'just happens' like a cold virus. Sure, they're spread from one person to another (thus the name 'sexually transmitted diseases), but aren't created that way. My reply to this was in the form of a question,  "What if two virgins were married and stayed true to each other until they died? Would they ever contract an STD"? This person did not have an answer. So now, I'm on a quest. I know WHAT an STD is, and the different forms, and I know HOW they are transmitted. My question is, where do they come from to begin with? Are they simply just dormant cells, ready at any moment to change into something more sinister? Or are they created via intercourse w/ multiple partners? The answer to this ties in with my reasoning for my belief of the sanctity of marriage.

God made us for one person, and one person only. Being intimate (which doesn't just mean intercourse, by the way), with more than one person has its consequences, both emotionally, and physically. With women, it means emotional baggage. She doesn't share herself with someone just because 'it feels good'. She does it because she's emotionally attached to him. And then she brings those memories and those feelings into marriage and has to spend the rest of her married life trying to put those behind her. And if both have been promiscuous prior to marriage, then you're lucky if emotional baggage is all that is brought into marriage. STD's are created because of this. I've yet to find proof of this, however. No one wants to say YES, STD'S ARE CREATED BY HAVING MULTIPLE SEX PARTNERS. There are TONS of sites out there that will tell you what they are, and how they're transmitted, and of course there's the medication you can take to prevent it (what? abstinence? What's that? Is that even a word?). But that's all I've been able to find. So I must conclude (and agree) with what the Bible says:

YES, marriage is sacred.
YES, one man was made for one woman.

Which leads me also to believe that:
YES, STD's are formed, not just transmitted from multiple sexual partners. I've just got to find someone bold enough to put it in writing!

By the way, I asked this person whether or not they believed that marriage and sex were sacred. They said they'd get back to me.

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Liz said...

I am sure there has to be something in writing out there about this. I don't have time at the moment to go looking to help you out.

The fact of the matter is, God tells us not to involve ourselves in sexual immorality not only because it's sin, but because He is protecting us. People do not seem to understand that God's laws are a protection, not just a list of "thou shalt nots" given because He's a killjoy.

I believe STD's are a natural result (consequence) of promiscuity. Sin of all kinds brings physical consequences. Worry brings ulcers. Fear brings panic attacks. Anger brings heart problems. So naturally sexual immorality brings STD's. I recently read that 1 of 4 teenagers has an STD. That is incredible to me!

Julie@comehaveapeace said...

I think that STDs are one of the many evidences of life in a fallen world. No one is "innocent" of all sin, of course, and sometimes people who have not "engaged" in certain sing are still impacted by the consequences; AIDS is such an example of that. But I also believe that, because marriage IS sacred, there is blessing and protection for those who obediently follow God's ways and marry according to His plan. We counsel with many couples at all stages of marriage, and I can say that women AND men deal with the fallout of multiple partners and sexual/emotional involvement before and outside of marriage. Their baggage may look different, but they both suffer. We always suffer when we sin. For many men, it's a step in a pathway of struggling with pornography and lust. Satan finds the weaknesses of both men and women and exploits them to weave doubt, unfaithfulness, and discontentment into our relationships.

Yes, I'm with you that marriage is sacred, a reflection of God's nature and His church.

So glad you linked your thoughts to Marriage Mondays today.

Julie@comehaveapeace (Marriage Mondays)

HB said...

Yes! Exactly. The Bible also talks about sin being fun 'for a season'. There are ALWAYS consequences to going against the Word of God. Just because they don't happen right away, doesn't mean they won't. We WILL reap what we sow.

Sarah Mae said...

Very interesting - I tweeted and asked any science type person if they knew the answer to how STD's were created. Very good post!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! 1 in 4 teenagers-that is a staggering number. I have personal friends and acquaintances who have attested to the fact that they have had STD's. When the doctor told them they were horrified. After learning that, one girl had to get an HIV test. She was petrified. It's not worth it and the baggage you bring into your marriage can last a lifetime as I'm seeing some of them struggle with now.

Like other viruses, I think the STD's begin somewhere and then get passed from one person to the next and on and on it goes. In some ways it just shows you how so many of us are connected, but not in a good way.

Bree said...

Well, I'd say there is an adversary/a devil that made all things 'bad' and certain acts and certain lifestyles will 'welcome' certain issues. Everything was initially made for our blessing, when the 'fall of man' happened and sin & sickness was introduced then the availability to have sickness, etc existed. Whether it's a dormant cell or passed and then passed again it ultimately is from the adversary- but I can't prove that via 'science'. ;)- . I will add, I believe that if people can abstain they are doing themselves a great bonus to their future spouse- I wish I had known the greatness of the Word as a youth, my young adult life would have played out a lot differently!

HB said...

Thank you so much Sarah Mae!

Liz said...

I need to clarify my comment from up top. I meant to say that 1 in 4 sexually active teenagers will become infected with an STD this year.

Crazy Mom of Four said...

Great post!

I gave you an award!

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