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Do All Things REALLY Work Together for Good?

My life is just about perfect. The most wonderful husband, my children are the loves of my life, good job, living in a great community. My church is my second home, where I sing in the choir, sing special music, help in the nursery, and am involved in other various seasonal activities. I'm reading my Bible now more than I ever have in my life, and have studied more material in the past year then I have in all my adult years put together.

Enter the darts of Satan. It's well known in the Christian community that Satan is after our godly homes, our godly marriages, and those who are making an impact for the cause of Christ. I told my mother, just a few months ago, that things were going too well. I expected something to happen. Something did. On May 7th, the day before my birthday, I was dealt a blow so heavy I didn't know how I would recover. The point of this entry in my blog is not to go into detail as to what happened, but to share with others how God has spoken to me through this.

The following Sunday, the day after my birthday, I flew to Oklahoma to spend the weekend with my mother. I timed the flight so that even though I'd miss morning service at my church, I'd arrive in time to go to the evening service with her. The pastor's message was on Romans 8:28 " And we know that all things work together for good, to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose". He brought out an interesting point. This verse is mis-used often. Everyone in every walk of life, under every bad situation tries to lay claim to this promise, this ray of hope and reassurance, but this verse ins't for everyone. It's for those who 'love God', which are Christians. Not only that, but if we love Him, then we obey Him. When bad things happen to those who are in His will, then yes, all things DO work together for good, somehow, someway. 

This pastor's message spoke to my heart. I heard a preacher say just today "There's a difference between the word of God spoken to everyone, and a word from God spoken to me". On this occasion, I received a word from God. I was humbled and moved! Not only did He speak directly to me, directly concerning my situation, but He did it from another preacher's mouth, in another state! How great is our God??! 

Since then, I have heard multiple radio programs, and read multiple articles, from multiple resources on forgiveness. At first I thought that it was like buying a new car; you never notice a particular brand until you own one. But that wasn't the case. These are resources that I use on a daily basis. The same web pages, the same radio stations. But this week, they seem to all be running on the same theme.

This heavy blow is something that will take time to recover from. In fact, I'm not sure that I won't try to seek help, just someone to give some godly advice. I have 'set backs' from time to time, which throw me into depression. I also fight feelings of anger, and thoughts of retribution, the latter being much the stronger. I cling to the promise 'vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord' (Rom 12:19) This situation would've been so easy for me to loose my testimony over, but I humbly pray that God will act on my behalf, as He did for David, on the many occasions he called out to God for deliverance from his enemies. It's kept me from one church service already, and will keep me from participating in a church activity this coming Sunday. But I am determined of two things; first, that not only will I forgive, (because Christ has forgiven me, so how could I not?), but I will forgive in love, not because I think it's my Christian duty. Second, I am determined not to let Satan win. I WILL continue to be active in my church, and I WILL continue to read my Bible, and to pray for my family.

My hope and prayer is that my determination to keep on keeping on won't become something I try to do in my own strength, for I will surely fail. Supernatural attacks require supernatural help! The upcoming weeks (if not longer) will be tough, but with the help of the Great Physician, I will recover.
I know this experience will 'work together for good'. I can't wait to see how!


Little Bishops said...

Am praying for you. Thanks for sharing this. You're not alone.

HB said...

Thank you!!

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