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Bible Memorization (The P.S.)

About a month or so ago I was listening to a show Nancy DeMoss was doing, and in it she recommended a book called 'His Word In My Heart'. (I have it in my Amazon store). The book is by Janet Pope, and she uses her own life as an example of how it IS possible not only to memorize scripture, but to memorize lengthy portions of it. She helps you find ways, a minute or two here and there, to study God's word.

Shortly before I heard this particular broadcast, my pastor had made a statement that really stuck with me - what if something happened and the Bible were outlawed? What if we as Christians were not able to get our hands on one, and the only scripture you knew to use in your daily life, to keep close to God, and to share with others, both believers and non-believers, was what you had memorized? For me, that was a very scary thing! Sure, I have a stack of index cards with verses on them. Anyone who saw it would be mightily impressed by all those verses. But half of them I memorized years ago and haven't reviewed. The other half are verses I wrote down that I intended to memorize, but never got around to. (Sound familiar?) That suddenly wasn't good enough for me any more.

Janet makes a good point about memorizing. She said that it's difficult to get the whole picture when you memorize just one verse at a time. Sure, they may help during certain situations, at a given time, and scattered verses here and there is certainly better than nothing, but there's something to be said about memorizing a complete statement, or thought, or even letter.

Imagine your husband went out of town for work for a few weeks, and he was thoughtful enough to write you a letter. Just because he loved you and missed you. What part of that letter would you keep and the rest discard, or deem unworthy to read again and again and again? Which part wouldn't be as important as the rest? What if those words were the only way you could communicate? Wouldn't you want to cling to every line, every syllable? Not only does memorizing larger portions give you a much greater understanding of what the author is trying to express to the reader, but it also forces you to be constantly thinking about God's word. If you're memorizing, you're meditating. You wake up with His word in your mouth, spend the day with His word in your mouth, go to bed with His word in your mouth. What a spiritual boost! What an uplifting of the soul! What revelations He bestows!

Since I began this journey, I've memorized Psalm 1 (yeah, ok, that one was easy - who doesn't know the first four verses?) and recently finished Titus 1. I'm currently three verses into Titus 2. Like Courtney says, 'be deliberate' you have to discipline yourself to do it. But the rewards for those who obey His command to hide His word in our hearts are SO worth it!

To check out more on memorization, with some very interesting tips, see Courtney's blog on Bible Memorization.  Thanks for the inspiration, Courtney!

Happy memorizing!!


Liz said...

Thanks! I'm going to go check out that blog now. I have been working on memorization since January because of Nancy's radio broadcast on memorization at the beginning of January, and I am surprised at how many verses I already have committed to memory. I want to have more passages, too. I just finished learning Psalm 63 today, and I'm somewhere in the middle of 2 Peter 1 (I abandoned it a couple months ago and need to get back to it).

By the way, I enjoy your blog. We seem to have similar values, and it's always nice to connect with a woman who has a heart for God.

Brett said...

Here's a great tool to help with scripture memorization. You memorize verses by typing them; First while looking, then with every other word hidden, and finally without looking at all.



HB said...

Thanks a bunch! Looking forward to checking out that site.

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

Amen sista!! Great post - and you are right! We have to hide it in our hearts! It can be hard to "fit it in" at times - but there's nothing so worthy of our time than God and his word!

Keep walking with the King!

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