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What's on YOUR List?

It's so very easy for us to find things we don't like in our husbands. All those little things that drive us NUTS. They just seem to stand out sometimes. But what would happen to our view of our mate if we made a list of some of the things we love about our man? Would it be difficult? Give it a try, you might be surprised. Here are some things that I love about my husband. See how many you can come up with!

  1. I love it when he asks me if it's 'ok' if I do the dishes. He normally does them at night, just as a show of gratitude for the meal (even though sometimes it's not anything he'd like me to make again, haha). I'm so grateful that he even does them, that I certainly don't mind if he doesn't feel like it one night. 
  2. I love that he calls me (just about) every day from work, just to see how my day's going. 
  3. I love it when he forgets to kiss me as he's walking out the door but remembers half way there and comes back. 
  4. I love that he makes time for me and the kids every Thursday for lunch. He's even cancelled lunch plans with co-workers to be with us instead.
  5. I love that he doesn't criticize me for not getting some household chore done....for days
  6. I love the way he looks when he gets up in the morning; face all pinched and bushy-haired. 
  7. I love that he overlooks my physical flaws. Love is certainly blind!
  8. I love that he doesn't like for me to go to bed without him, how he's all disappointed when I tell him I've waited long enough and am going without him. 
  9. I love that he likes for me to watch 'football' (in our house, 'football' means soccer) with him. 
  10. Most of all, I love that he considers me to be his best friend, and that I was the one who taught him that that was even possible.
If you can't think of ten things to list, that's ok. No one will think badly of you. Just give it a try. Mine were easy. I'm a very lucky woman. Love you, HB. 

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