Tuesday, April 20 |

I'm Surprised You Didn't Blow Up....

That's what my husband said when I went upstairs and discovered my new necklace in a million pieces all over the floor. It was one of those really long ones with beads. They were everywhere. Naturally, my husband expected me to blow my top at this, because it wasn't the first time, or even the second or the third, that my youngest had destroyed something, or made some kind of mess for me to have to clean up. Let me clarify;

Chrissy, she's the one with the temper. Sweet as can be, when she wants to be, very polite, says yes ma'am and no ma'am, cleans up when I ask her to, and is super smart. She was always a bit advanced in most areas. But you know what they say, the smart ones are the crazy ones. She's the one with the A-type personality, and she's got a stubborn streak, let me tell you. She can be extremely difficult at times.

Jimmy, he's..... well, he's a boy. What more can I say? He's from Mars and I'll never understand him. His daddy does, though, so it's no wonder when I tell Daddy his boy peed in the floor vent that he thought that was the funniest thing he ever heard. Me, I was the one that had to clean it up. I didn't think it was very funny. (In his defense, it was during potty training). Other than being a bit strange, he's pretty easy going. Not high maintenance. Give him a pile of Legos, and you won't even know he's in the house.

Jilly, she's my angel. She's my sweet natured, loving, snuggling, affectionate, girly-girl. But she's the worst trouble maker I've ever met. It's a good thing God gave her a special place in my heart or else she probably wouldn't live to see her third birthday. Or maybe I wouldn't live to see my next birthday. Either way, one of us would have to go! So for a while, every time I discovered some new disaster - bathrooms finger painted with toothpaste, lipstick all over her face, the contents of my purse, including the credit cards, scattered all over the house, fabreeze sprayed on the windows - I'd get frustrated. Again?! Didn't she JUST get in trouble for this?! And while I was busy cleaning up the last mess, she was off hiding somewhere making a new one.

There came a breaking point for me, on one Sunday morning when I met Chrissy in the kitchen and she announced, 'Mommy, Jilly left your camera outside'. On the inside I groaned. I looked out on the playground, and sure enough, my two hundred dollar camera had been left outside. All night. In the rain. I immediately ran out, (in my pj's and bath robe), to retrieve it. When I brought it in, I started wiping it off, and then I started crying. In fact, I had to go hide in the bathroom because I just broke down. It was just more than I could take. I was so frustrated with her. In fact, my husband asked me just the other day what he could do to make things better and I told him he could leave with her for two days. He was surprised. "Two days? She gets to you that much?" I told him yes.

But now, for the most part, I just clean it up. I don't get upset anymore. What's the point? I lock it up or put it high enough she can't reach, and whatever's left (which is PLENTY, let me tell you), I just deal with. Like the sand castle she tried to build with the salt this morning in the kitchen floor. Guess the floor needed to be cleaned anyway. (Where's Pollyana when I need her??)

Guess it's kind of like me and God. Wonder how many times He's said 'Jenny, really? AGAIN?'
Help me Lord to be as patient with this one as you are with me!!


Cilla said...

the day MY daughter emptied my handbag was a major blessing... she tipped all my credit cards from my wallet.. and that night we were burgled... and the burglar hardly got ANY of my credit cards... I was so pleased.

HB said...

That is TOO funny. The Lord works in mysterious ways, huh? haha

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