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I Am Joseph

In Genesis chapter 39 Joseph, thanks to his selfish, self-centered brothers, ended up as a slave in Egypt. He went from daddy's favorite to slavery, to prison, and after many years had passed, was one day brought before Pharaoh to interpret two dreams. Now I wasn't in slavery or imprisoned, but I know:
  1. Just as sure as God put Joseph in Pharaoh's house, He put me in mine. 
  2. Pharaoh put a ring on Joseph's finger, just as my husband put one on mine. 
  3. Pharaoh told Joseph "I am Pharaoh, and without thee shall no man lift up his hand or foot in all the land of Egypt". This is the position I hold in my house, as wife and mother. 
Joseph was given complete control over the entire kingdom of Egypt. The very lives of the people were in his hands. No one was greater than he other than Pharaoh himself. Who has not read this story and not had some respect for this man and what he accomplished? For the lives he saved, including his own family's? I was thinking today about my role as wife and mother, specifically as a stay at home mom. Something that was said to Courtney (you'll see the clip on the right side of her blog), on Rachel Ray's show kind of stuck with me; the guest speaker made the comment to her that she had her own sense of power and fulfillment because of what she did at home. And he really hit the nail on the head. Joseph wasn't the head of the kingdom. But he was the one running it. He was the one everyone went to for everything concerning their lives. From food to housing, he was the man to see. He had the power. He was the one running the country. 

When I quit my job to stay at home with my children, the only thing I thought I'd miss was the feeling of being important. There were many people who depended on me for things. I was the one to go to when something needed to be done. I feel so much more important, now that it's my family who depends on me. The most important people in the world now look to me for their needs to be met. For happiness and security.
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I am a wife and a stay at home mom

I am Joseph.

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