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He is the sun, and I am the moon.

Today's blog from A Wise Woman Builds Her Home was about the Family Integrated Church, which I found to be extremely interesting. You can read her blog here.

I went to the NCFIC website, and found this profound little tidbit:

"Because wives through the weakness of their sex (for they are the weaker vessels) are much prone to provoke their husbands. So as if there be not love predominant in the husband, there is like to be but little peace betwixt man and wife, for "Love covereth a multitude of imperfections." Because Christ by his love provokes the church to love him, so a husband by loving his wife should provoke her to love him again; showing himself like the sun which is the fountain of light, and from which the moon receives what light she has: so he should be the fountain of love to his wife."
  -  William Gouge, 
Domestical Duties, 1627

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