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The Power of a Praying Wife was a GREAT read. I can see why Stormie is so popular! She doesn't just give you a couple of pointers, a few examples, she gives you specifics. With prayers to go with them. I'm convinced that many times I don't see my prayers get answered because I'm not specific enough in them. I think I'm so concerned a lot of times the prayer will even be answered, that I don't care how or what conditions, just as long as I get, in general, what I've asked for. But imagine if you asked your child what they'd like for Christmas, and they said they wanted a bike. That was all, just a bike. What would be the next logical question? Well, what kind of bike? What color? How big? With tassels, or without? Do you want training wheels? A racing bike, or a ten-speed? And I'm afraid I'm guilty of such vagueness. I'll just be happy to GET the bike. I don't care what color it is, or how big it is. But don't you think the Lord wants to know our preferences, as our Heavenly Father, just as we want to know our children's preferences? That's why this book has been so good. She goes into SUCH detail as to HOW to pray for our husbands. She gives THIRTY areas of his life in which we can pray, with example prayers for each! Who knew there was so much to ask for??

And I have to say, in more than one of those thirty areas, I myself became convicted of a few things. Things that I knew were not right with me, that I had to give to the Lord before I could pray the same prayer for my husband. So get ready - if you get this book, you'd better be prepared to do a little soul-searching yourself, before you start concentrating on your husbands. But after that, YOU GO, GIRL! BE that encourager! Be the one working behind the scenes to make your husband all that he can be. Be his helpmeet!

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Liz said...

I ended up finding the book at, and I received it in the mail this week. Looking forward to reading it soon....after I finish the other 3 books I'm in process of reading. I'm anticipating it to be eye-opening for me.

HB said...

Yay! Let me know how it goes!
Since I finished this one, now I'm down to two, haha. One of them is the Bible itself - I'm going through cover-to-cover, which is a first for me, my new year's resolution :) I'm trying to restrain myself from starting a new one. I want to put most of my energy into finishing the Bible. I do NOT want it to take a full year! Good luck with yours!

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