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And This, Too, Shall Pass

If I keep saying it over and over.... it still doesn't help :( My only consolation is that I've been lucky so far. I am now living in the 'real' world, the world that just about every other woman on the planet lives in.

I guess you could say I've been spoiled. My husband's schedule, up until last week, was perfect, the kind of schedule most women dream of; leave at seven thirty, home for dinner by six. Yeah, he's a manager, so of course there are the usual after-hours calls and emails, and he travels a lot during the summer and fall, but other than that, it's been great.

But then something happened. He and his boss are conducting an experiment, testing the waters, you could say, with some added responsibility, which means twice as many people to supervise, in a more demanding area, with a more demanding schedule. He still leaves at the same time in the morning, but now he doesn't leave the office in the evening until I'm putting dinner on the table. He's so wrapped up in work that he's forgetting about things going on at home, and our weekly Thursday lunches I fear are now a thing of the past.

This is putting a cramp in my style, to say the least. I'm grateful. Grateful he has a job, grateful he's had the schedule he's had until now. But I miss him already, which is ridiculous. I feel like such a wimp! What it all boils down to, actually, is that I'm afraid of loosing my best friend. Everyone knows long distance relationships don't last. How many unhappy couples have ended up that way because of lack of time together? That's how it starts.
   Well, I am determined (do you hear me, Satan??!) to keep close to my husband, to keep my best friend. If I have to eat dinner at eight o'clock every night so I can eat with him, then I'll do it. If I have to stay up until eleven thirty every evening to spend some time with him, then I'll do it. (I can take a nap with the two year old ;) ) 
I support you, HB, really I do. Just give me some time to adjust. (Where's that 'oh woe is me' button so I can turn it OFF??!)

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