Sunday, March 7 |


Our night out was wonderful! Not exactly according to plan, but good enough. It was kind of odd to be in a room, just the two of us, with no agenda, and no children. No interruptions during conversation, no sitting in separate parts of the house, doing our own separate thing. It was very relaxing. We stayed up late watching movies, and slept in 'late'. Neither one of us slept very well, though, being in a strange place and all. At some point, early in the morning, I heard a semi get cranked up and drive away. Ah, the good 'ol days. I had imagined we would sleep quite soundly till around eight or eight thirty, but at seven I was ready to leave. Had to get back to my babies. The children did quite well with us not being there over night. I was a bit worried at first, I must admit. I was concerned about a few things, but God is good. It all worked out. It's not something I'd want to try to do again any time soon, but it was worth it this time. Love you HB. XXOO


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