Tuesday, March 23 |

Movie Gallery

So. We got on this trial membership thing with MG to rent movies the same way that we can get them from Netflix. Unlimited borrow time and all that jazz. We said Sure! We'd like to do that. They said, ok, here you go, and handed us our movies. Then they tried to charge us SEVENTY bucks for them!! We signed NO paperwork whatsoever, but they told us we were under some sort of contract, and since we didn't return the movies when we were supposed to they were going to bill us for them. My husband must have been on the phone with them for thirty minutes trying to straighten things out, and finally we ended up paying seventeen dollars in late fees. We'll NEVER do business with them again. Especially since we have Netflix. Why should we?


Mike said...

Amazing! I'm always amazed how these companies will attempt to rip you off. Thanks for the heads up, because I will never do business with them. I hate you ended up having to pay the $17.00 late fees, but tell J. good job in not caving to them for the $70.00.


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